Space Defence HD Android Review

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I used to love Missile Command in the arcade. Those giant trackballs that I could never really master, the insane difficulty level, were all things to put you off, but I still kept slotting that cash in to play more.

There have been dozens and dozens of Missile Command clones over the years, and the latest one is for the Android OS.

The game, a product of one indie programmer, is surprisingly well done, with some nice upgrades that don’t break the core concept, and with solid gameplay and fairly attractive graphics. Space Defence HD is never going to set the world alight, but it was never really supposed to, as the idea here was to bring a decent clone of Missile Command to Android, and in this the developer has succeeded.

The game has some nice effects that don’t spoil the gameplay, and this paid version allows you to upgrade your weapons between rounds. There is also a free version. Like Missile Command, the idea is to protect the Earth by down Alien invaders with missiles that you have to aim at the point where you think the invader and the missile will eventually meet.

The touchscreen has been used well here.Space Defence Android

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Space Defence HD is just a Missile Command replica, features:
This paid version lets you upgrade your weapons as you progress through levels.

Upgrades: power, speed or number for shot.
Hit the enemies in combo to get more points.
Defend the spaceships, they will support you!
Build the shield and try to save the Earth.
Survive to an indefinite number of enemies waves.
Hit with precision and get double explosion and score.
Billions of people believe in you!

I found the game to be pretty addictive, and in tryth, it is hard to critisise; the game does what it sets out to do. However, I do think that is is missing that special something that will help itmake its mark, perhaps a little pizzazz or a few new gameplay ideas.

However, there is little else wrong here, so if you are looking for some Missile Command action on your Android device, you could do a lot worse than giving Space Command HD a go.

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