Space Eon 3D Android Review

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Space Eon 3D for Android is a strangely addictive title that will maybe not immediately blow you away with its quality, but still magaes to sneak up on you and show you how addictive it actually is.

A 3D, into the screen space based shooter, Space Eon reminds me of the old Amiga game Stardust, or more specifically the tunnel sequences from that title, as you fly about, blasting aliens and dodging obstacles.

The graphics are pretty decent, and seemed to run very smoothly on my device, although as always, I would recommend trying out the free demo version to make sure the game runs well on your Android device. I would think it would run well on anything reasonably recent.

The game uses the accelerometer to fly around, and this works surprisingly well, and after a bit of practice I was squeezing through the tightest gaps and aiming with a fair amount of precision.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Space Eon 3D is a 3D futuristic shooter game that features a pilot with no memory of the past. You must overcome obstacles; changing environments, space mines and hostile enemies. Space Eon 3D features puzzle-like game play such as power up “push shot” required to take down boss “beholder”.

Take flight and prepare for war!

Features Include!SpaceEon3D
★ 20 Missions Including 10 Difficult Extreme Missions
★ 3 Unique Bosses in 6 Epic Boss Battles
★ 4 Unlock-able ships
★ Difficult Enemies
★ Upgrades, Power Ups and new Abilities
★ Helper Ships for Hire
★ 9 Achievements
★ Unique 3D Battles and Accelerometer Controls
★ Saves to External SD Card
★ Frequent Updates
★ Runs Great Even on Older Phones

The ability to upgrade really adds a fair bit of longevity to the game, as does the different unlockable craft and the smattering of achievements adds that little bit extra. It is fair to say that a lot of love and care has gone into the game, which really comes across when you play it.

I would have liked more ‘winding’ tunnels, as the ones in the game all go straight, and a little bit more enemy variety would also have been nice, so hopefully there are plans for a sequel, as I really enjoyed my time with this game.

Well worth a purchase, Space Eon 3D is a solid game.


Get it on Google Play


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