Super Flappy Squirrel Android Review

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Super Flappy Squirrel, available for Android through the Google Play Store, and for iOS through the iTunes App Store, is an interesting expansion of the basic Flappy Bird idea.

Essentially a clone of Flappy Bird, Super Flappy Squirrel is arguably the better game, even it the idea originally came from the developer of Flappy Bird. The game plays almost identically to the original, but instead featuring a flying squirrel navigating his way through a jungle environment.

The squirrel is constantly falling, with his momentum increasing exponentially the longer he falls, and a quick tap on the screen will make him flap and increase his height with a small bump upwards.

You must navigate him through a series of gates, each of which adds to your score. The difference here is that the game is broken down into a series of levels, which not only helps with knowing when the speed and difficulty is rising, but also gives you a bit of a break for a few seconds, helping ease the frustration somewhat.

In Super Flappy Squirrel. there are also air currents to consider, which require extra tapping to prevent the character from falling to his doom prematurely. They are not over used and do at least add a touch of variety to proceedings.screen568x568

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Touch to flap like you’ve never flapped before! – “Best flapper game since flappy bird” – App Reviewer
Super Flappy Squirrel needs you to guide him through a maze of palm trees, vines and jungle obstacles!
Are you good enough to get the highest score!?
Show off your skills, go the furthest and last the longest!

Obstacle gaps shrink and flight speed increases as the levels go up.
Watch for turbulence
This is the ultimate test!

The graphics are around the same standard as Flappy Bird, although somewhat more interesting than endless green pipes, but the real way it outshines its inspiration is in the collision detection, which is far better and fairer than Flappy Bird ever was.

It is for this reason alone that I would recommend it to anyone over Flappy Bird: it won’t have you tearing your hair out quite so much at how unfair it is.

There leaderboards and you can tweet your best run, but like Flappy Bird, there isn’t an awful lot to keep you coming back. That didn’t stop people from spending hours with that game, and I see no reason that Super Flappy Squirrel should be any different, as it is actually a superior game.

Worth a flap or two, check it out.

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