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Sync.ME is easily the very best caller ID app available for Android, or any other format for that matter. Completely comprehensive and remarkably easy to use, Sync.ME is an absolute must have if you want to have any control about who calls you.

Yes, there are other apps like this, but very few of them approach the suite of features found here, and none of them are anywhere near as easy to use.

The app does the basics well, with the ability to block an unwanted caller simple and easy, and you can also do this from an unwanted text message. You can create a blacklist of numbers, which makes it easy to check back on numbers, and even unblock them, if you so choose.

When using the app you gain access to over 10,000,000 other user’s blocked numbers, making for the best scam blocking community in the world. It means that you can easily identify scam and spam, which is something we all get, especially if you have had the same phone number for a period of time.

If you have an elderly or vulnerable relative or friend with an Android phone, you absolutely owe it to them to install this software for them. You can set it up so it acts more or less automatically, and the peace of mind that they are not going to be scammed or conned is worth the price of entry, and let’s take a look at that price of entry. It is completely free, which is amazing for a feature packed app like this.syncme

Here are some of those features:

✓ Caller ID – Call identifier, unknown caller ID, blocking incoming calls and unwanted calls.
✓ Text ID – Block SMS messages!
✓ Identify scam calls – Sync ME lets you identify unknown phone numbers and report spam calls with a tap of a button.
✓ Social caller ID- Keep your contacts up to date and synchronize their latest pictures and information from all major social networks.
✓ Calls and contacts blacklist – Ignore unwanted phone calls by using our caller ID block to create a blacklist of numbers you would like to block calls from.
✓ Full contact ID details – view the complete contact ID of your contacts list including name, number, and data from social media profiles.
✓ Phone lookup – SyncME lets you perform a reverse phone lookup any number to find out who it is.
✓ Birthday reminders – Get daily birthday reminders and send contacts personalized greeting cards.
✓ All in one – text ID, unknown caller ID, sync contacts details, reverse phone lookup, identify and report scam calls from one easy to use app.

The app has a number of additional features, such as social network integration which has uses ranging from automatically populating caller pictures to giving you birthday reminders.

One feature in particular impressed me, and that is the reverse phone number lookup. Why don’t more apps like this include this feature? This is something that can be super useful, as it helps you find legitimate callers that you may otherwise have ignored or put down to scam. I can’t emphasise how important a feature this can be, especially if you are running a business.

Overall, there is a lot to love here, as Sync.ME is both comprehensive and intuitive. With a list of features as long as your arm, this free app is an Android essential.


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