Talk to SONOS (R) Android Review

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We recently reviewed an app called ‘Talk to Hue’ that allowed users to use voice commands to control the Hue lighting system, and we really liked it. Now, the developer has released another app, Talk to SONOS which, you guessed it, allows you to control your Sonos music system with your voice.

So, does it succeed as well as the previous app, or does this voice command app fall flat?

I am happy to report that this one works just as well with Sonos as the last one did with Hue, and if you have both systems, then you owe it to yourself to use both, as the ability to control your music and lights with just your voice is a cool opportunity that seems like it just landed from the future.

The app works really well. Getting it to talk to your Sonos system is incredibly easy, with auto discovery of both the speakers and your playlists, so you will be up and away within seconds of installing the app. There is a really cool walk through tutorial that takes you through many of the main features of the app, which is much appreciated, but everything is very easy to find and use.talktosonos

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Continuous response to configurable master keyword with configurable response messages
– Free search in your Sonos(R) playlists with the name of the title, artist or radio station
– Auto-discovery of available Sonos(R) speakers
– Auto-discovery of available playlists
– Speech Recognition with improved matching algorithms for better recognition of sound-similarities
– Standard commands for play / pause, next / previous tracks, volume up / down
– Select playlists
– Select radio stations
– Select ZoneGroups
– Combined commands, e.g. playlist top 100 in livingroom
– “Artist xyz” plays all titles from xyz
– “Title xyz” seeks the title in the current playlist, alternatively searches in all playlists

The continuous service function is perhaps the app’s best feature, as you can leave it on while you do other things and the app will still be listening and will respond to commands accordingly. If you don’t like the idea of this there is nifty OK Google and Android Wear functionality built-in to make accessing the commands as painless as possible.

There are plenty of commands available, and the really nice thing is that you can mix and combine the commands to get the music you want, so you are not just limited to ‘play’ and ‘pause’, you can specify a playlist or station and even say where you want the music played, which is especially handy for those who have multiple Sonos units in different rooms.

Overall, this is a great Sonos app, and one that takes the usability of the speaker system to a whole new level.


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