Talking Duke Dog Android Review

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Remember those old Tamagotchi toys, where you had to look after a virtual pet? Well, there have been plenty of similar products over the years, with an explosion of them on iPhone and Android, especially after the success of Nintendogs.

The problem with most of them, is that they are all far too similar and lack true character, turning them into the ultimate five-minute wonders.

Talking Dog Duke stands head and shoulders above the rest, not simply because it offers more options and features, but because the main character is likeable.

The app allows you to fully interact with Talking Dog Duke, with a variety of options that will get a decent response from him. The way that he will try to repeat what you say to him, through the microphone, is very clever, and a highlight for kids, who will love this feature.

Here, straight from the developers, are the app’s best features:

See the fun unfold when you:screen568x568
✔ Play Disco Music
✔ Give Duke a Slipper
✔ Throw Duke a Bone
✔ Make It Night
✔ Bounce a Ball to Duke
✔ Take Out Duke’s Leash
✔ Watch Duke Bite Fleas
✔ Show Duke Love
✔ And… Don’t Forget to Talk to Duke and He’ll Repeat What You Say!

The app is a lot of fun for the little ones, although I do think there is room for improvement. Why not use the dog aspect and let us take him for a walk? This would open the app up a lot, and with the addition of maybe even the ability to communicate with other Dukes, this would give the app far more of that Nintendogs flavour.

That is all wishful thinking, but it would be good to see.

The app, as it stands, is still one of the best in its class, with decent animation, a responsive and expressive main character and good audio.

This is a high quality app that will be a hit with the kids, and most importantly of all, it is completely free, so our advice is to give Talking Dog Duke a chance.


Get it on Google Play


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