The Weekly Widget – Android Widgets Reviewed

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Every weekend, we will be taking a look at a few Android Widgets, which for some are the star of Google’s mobile operating system.

They are certainly one of the big differentiating factors between Android and some of the other big players out there, but they are also not infallible. Like other mobile apps, they still need to be well made and intelligently designed, so we will take several each week and let you know whether they are worth your time and money.

Below you can see a screenshot of this weeks widgets running on a Dell Streak with Android 2.2.

LT Compass

It’s nice when a widget actually does something pretty impressive, even if it’s only quietly impressive, and LT Compass is just one such app. Launching the app allows you to configure the compass, by waving it in four figures of eight, two flat and two facing you. After that you can add the widget to your home screen, and it is a really cool looking tool. The compass works really well, although it’s perhaps not as smooth displaying in the widget as it is from within the app itself. Bound to be a useful widget out in the wild, and not only that it’s free, so also an impressive way to show off your phone to iPhone owning friends, a recommended download.

Android System Info

This is a widget that will be of particular use to people who own underpowered, older phones as it allows you to view three important aspects of system usage. Battery percentage left, SD card memory left, and most importantly Internal memory left. It would be better if it allowed you to display CPU usage or RAM usage, but what is here is fairly useful. It does at least allow you to monitor this basic info, but the app itself offers a lot more, so it’s a shame you can’t choose different things to show. The fact that, when you touch the widget the app isn’t loaded up is pretty unforgivable. Useful but limited.

Screen Filter

This app allows you to adjust your display in order to reduce eye strain. You can alter the screen brightness in many more degrees than can be achieved using the standard system settings. it works pretty well, although to be honest I’m not sure that it could ever really reduce eye strain, even with long term use. I would just recommend keeping the phone at a sensible distance from your eyes and choosing a comfortable viewing brightness, but then what do I know. The widget allows you to simply turn a pre selected setting on or off at a tap of the button. Useful if you really are suffering from eye strain I guess, so if you are, then this could be a decent download.


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