Thief Lupin 2 Android Review

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Thief Lupin 2 is a cunning little game. I didn’t even realise I was addicted to it until this review began to run late. Just one more run, just a bit more treasure, just unlock one more item…that’s how it goes. A mix of simple design with mildly complex extra elements, Thief Lupin 2 can, and will, take over your life.

We play these sorts of games all the time here at The Smartphone App Review, the kind of games where you earn and spend the in-game currency as a matter of course, and where progression is often about grinding levels and obtaining items. Yet, still Thief Lupin took hold on me.

I think it is a mix of the excellent presentation and the interesting ‘thief’ element, where stealing jewels and other treasures is the order of the day. When a game has a decent basic idea, the developer just has to follow it through to hit a home run, and the developer has certainly done that here.

Here, straight from the creator, are the app’s best features:Screenshot 2014-09-30 at 10

● Unique one-touch gameplay

● High degree of polish, great graphics and music.

● Fight Dracula, the Kraken and more bosses in 13 Challenging boss fights!

● 5 playable characters with special bonuses & abilities

● 5 Worlds and over 150 unique & brain teasing levels

● 160 unlockable artifacts

● 90 items & power-ups to purchase

● And more!

The game plays a bit like an endless runner, but in small bite sized puzzle based levels, where the angle and timing of your jump is everything. Some of the stages are tough, and I wish there was a way of cancelling your jumps once you have started to power up, but this is only a small criticism.

The graphics are bright bold and colourful, with well designed sprites and characters giving the game a decent sense of polish that many other games lack. The animation is good, and helps to give the game and its denizens a real feeling of sneakiness. There are many levels to face, even a few humourous boss encounters.

For me, it is attempting to unlock and find the game’s artifacts that I found so addictive. There are 160 to find, so good luck.

Overall, this is a great little game that has plenty of variety, character and polish. It plays really well and has an addictive quality that is as sneaky as the game’s roster of thieves.


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