Three Chicks and Friends Android Review

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Now, this is an overload of cuteness as you direct a parade of ridiculously cute animals around even cuter levels. The cast of cartoon characters found in the game is as twee as the music, and when the three main characters are chicks that are still half ‘in the egg’, you know you have a game that is going all out with the cuteness factor.

Strangely enough, and despite the cuddly looks, this fluff-fest is actually far more challenging than it would first appear. You end up having to multitask and react pretty quickly in order to progress through some of the levels and pick up the best scores, and it can get quite tricky.

The developer exploits the idea of having three characters to control well, and it actually makes great sense given the boundaries of touch screen control. The chicks will walk automatically along a predefined path, and you can tap fruit around the level to add it to your score. Touching the middle chick will cause all three to pause and stand still, with another tap required to get them moving again.


This is obviously a vital mechanic for a lot of the obstacles and puzzles, and so is the ability to jump, which is achieved by tapping the lead chick. Once he jumps, the other two will jump in exactly the same spot when they reach it, which is something you will need to remember as you go along.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Download Three Chicks and Friends for free now. cock-a-doodle-doo!
Three Chicks and Friends is a brand new game from the makers of Three Chicks and lots of Bats. New levels, more places to explore and challenging game modes brimming with fruits and friends!

There are also some extra characters around the stages that can help you out or give you extra powers. For example, there is a turtle that, if tapped, grants the player temporary invincibility, which is very handy for getting to otherwise inaccessible areas and collectables.

The game has plenty of modes to play through, and is free with some IAPs available if you need extra help. The graphics are very good, and I was particularly impressed by the winding routes the chicks can take, going up and down hills, and all over each level, which is much better than simply going from left to right as many games do.

Overall, if you are looking for something supremely cute, yet fairly challenging, then Three Chicks and Friends comes highly recommended as a good looking and content packed game. I would say that this game was clucking brilliant, but that would have been an eggstremely bad pun. Sorry.

Three Chicks and Friends can also be found on iPhone and iPad here: iTunes.


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