How to Transfer Data from Android to Android Phone

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So you thought of upgrading your Android to the latest one. It’s always nice to upgrade your phone, so you get to enjoy the latest features. You’ll be excited to switch on your new Android phone and start from the word go, but how can you operate it without transferring all your data from your old Android to your new Android phone. When it comes to transferring data, there’s lot of data to be transferred including your contacts, apps, photos, music, movies, download, customized settings and lots more. If you don’t plan well enough it could very well be a daunting task. But it could be pretty simple if you know the right ways to transfer your data or you might end up losing some during the transfer process. So let’s take a look at how to transfer data from android to android phone:

Use the Android Back Service:

One of the first things you need to do is use the Android Backup Service that could help you in backing up all the settings you have in your old phone. Some of the settings that could be backed by the Android Backup service are:

  • Gmail
  • Wallpapers
  • Display
  • Language
  • Date and Time
  • Wi-Fi settings (including networks and passwords)
  • Google Calendar
  • And some third-party apps

To back up, go to Settings  Backup and Reset and turn on “Backup my data” and set your backup account.

Transfer Photos and Music

When it comes to transferring your photos and music to your new phone, even though there are many ways, one of the best method is to use Google Photos App. It is the best way not only to manage your photos, but all to back up all your photos. If you are not already using the Photos App, install it in your old phone and make sure that “Back up & sync” is turned on. You can back up as many photos you like with the Google Photos App up to 15GB for free. When you start using your new phone, just download the Photos app in your new app and all your photos will be available right away. And when it comes to music, you can always rely upon Google Play Music app to transfer all your music over to your new phone. You can store as many tracks up to 10,000 for free.

Passwords and Bookmarks

You can also transfer all your browser history, your website passwords and bookmarks to your new phone. To do that just goto Google Settings  Smart Lock for
Passwords and make sure it’s turned on. Now all the passwords of chrome websites and supporting apps will be backed up with your Google Account and if you don’t want any app password to be saved, you can also specify that app, so that the password for that app will not be stored.

SMS & MMS Messages

There are many apps in the Play Store to move all your messages over to your new phone. Some of the most popular message backup apps are SMS Backup+ and SMS Backup & Restore that helps you to move all your SMS and MMS messages easily.

Use Third Party Apps

Now the phone manufacturers themselves provide switch to phone apps to enable transferring data from your old phone to new phone easier. There are also many third-party apps available in play store that will transfer all your contacts, photos, messages, call logs, videos, music, calendar and everything from your old phone to new phone with just a click of a button. Also, please don’t forget to compare phone service providers for your new phone, as Eatel notes, one should always review each option before making a decision.


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