VIPole Secure Messenger Android Review

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With texting and messaging’s popularity growing at an exponential rate, especially on mobile and tablet devices, there has never been a more important time for implementing a high level of security in messaging apps and features.

VIPole tackles the problem of mobile messaging security head on with an app that is designed, from the ground up, to be as safe and secure as possible, not only for messaging, but also for calls and picture sharing. While it does do these things well, what is perhaps more impressive is that is implements these high level security features, while still retaining the feature set of many modern messaging platforms.

If the idea of having a messaging services based around security sounds daunting, then don’t panic as there is very little set up required and the app is incredibly secure ‘out of the box’, and most users will barely notice the extra security in day-to-day use, but will simply benefit from the extra peace of mind. It works very intuitively, and is fairly in line with other popular messaging services, in terms of basic use.vipole

Here, straight from the app’s developer, are the best features of the software:

SECURE TEXT MESSAGING: Send strongly encrypted text messages, images and files to your contacts. You can send messages to offline users or delay sending of your messages when you have no connection. Chat history is stored encrypted and synchronized between all connections.

MULTIMEDIA: Make free voice calls and video calls or send voicemail messages to VIPole users worldwide.

GROUP CHATS and CONFERENCING: Enjoy secure and encrypted group conversations with your contacts, including voice and video conferencing.

SECURITY: Edit and delete sent messages, change voice during the call, view other self-connections to the server, close the application remotely, lock or close the application when idle.

CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLS: Buy VIPole credits to make secure and really cheap international calls to mobiles and landlines.

That list above is pretty important, as it shows that the app has a very wide feature set. Group chats, and video and voice conferencing are available, with completely free voice and video calls to other VIPole users a core element, and you can purchase credit to call other international users who aren’t on VIPole, all with the excellent security features.

Messages are highly encrypted, as are images and files you send to your contacts, and users who happen to be offline at the time you send something will simply get the message or notification the next time their device goes online, with even the chat history being stored and encrypted. Messages can be delayed to be sent at a time of your choosing, any that you do send can be remotely deleted at will, and you can even lock the application remotely.

Overall, this is a superb app that links to an equally superb service. If you need a truly secure voice and messaging app that is also fully fleshed out in other areas, then look no further than VIPole for Android.


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