Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Android Review

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A decent weather wallpaper app on Android? You wouldn’t have thought it would be so much to ask, but so many apps make the same mistakes time and time again when it comes to creating a weather wallpaper.

They are almost always completely over the top in their design, causing far too much of a distraction, don’t scale well to differing screen sizes or are just plain ugly. Luckily, we have discovered a little gem of a wallpaper that solves all of the above problems.

Weatherback, available for Android through the Google Play Store, is a free app (with a Pro option) that is simply gorgeous and is craScreenshot 2014-10-01 at 10fted by a developer that understands exactly what these kinds of wallpapers need to be and so has created a thoughtful and intelligent app.

Weatherback applies its weather effect on top of your current (static) wallpaper. You know your wallpaper fits, it has a design you like, so Weatherback simply applies some subtle yet attractive effects to it, such as a few raindrops on a rainy day,and many other effects, such as sunlight, frost and mist. Stars even come out during the night in the Pro version.

The results are, in my opinion the best looking weather wallpaper on Android.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

✔ Very low battery consumption that’s barely noticeable
✔ Customizable effects allow you to pick the effects you want
✔ Display random effects to show effects you want instead of following the weather!

Now, I didn’t really notice a rise in battery consumption during my time with the app, using a Galaxy Note 3, although I obviously can’t confirm that across all models. If there are any effects you don’t like, you can mute them, and even choose random effects instead of weather based effects. You can also choose to use your current location or a set one, whether you want the app to use cellular data or just WiFi and there are also settings for adjusting each individual effect.

It is very difficult to criticise this app, as it does a lot for a free app, and the Pro upgrade is very cheap and gives you a wider range of effects. Each weather element is gorgeous and unobtrusive and seems like it is part of your static wallpaper.

Overall, this is a superb app that you should download immediately, and I would even recommend you go the whole hog and snap up the premium version.


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