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The most open of all the mobile operating systems, Android offers up a whole lot of potential for managing your phone that other systems simply can’t compete with. There are many apps that offer the ability to manage and access your phone remotely, negating the need for a USB cable to do things like transfer music and other files, and reorganise things on your phone memory and SD Card.

For me, the problem has always been compatibility. Some of these apps will only work for Windows, some will only work for Mac, and very few will work for both. On Ubuntu or some other Linux-based system? You can almost forget it. Web PC Suite does things a little differently as it works right out of a browser window and is not reliant on the OS of the desktop computer to do its magic.

I tried it on Mac, PC and Ubuntu and the experience was just the same.

Another problem has been the sheer size of some of these apps, but this one is a mere 1.7MB, which is a pittance to even older phones.

Here, straight from the developer, are some of the app’s best features:Screenshot 2014-08-01 at 15

★ Full access to your phone on web, browse and manage all files, folders

★ Categories: Classify files by Gallery, Music, Video, Apps and more

★ File Operation: Manage Android on web. Support all basic operations like browse, create new, copy, cut, move, rename, sort, delete, search, refresh, set as, etc.

★ HTTPS support: Safer connection between phone and PC

★ Transfer files: Upload and download file/folder between Android Phone/tablet and PC/Laptop in a fast and convenient way. Download large file/folder as a zip from Android to computer. What a time saver!

★ Cross-platform file transfer: Want to transfer files between iPhone/iPad/Mac/Android, but the Bluetooth is too slow? Web PC Suite helps you solve the problem.

★ Play media: Play music or video files on browser on live.

★ App Manager: Double click apk file on web to install it on browser! Simple and fast! Manage all apk files, installed apps and system apps.

★ TXT viewer: Support reading your Android txt files on web

★ Batch Operation: Support batch upload, and batch download under each category

★ Fast Connect: Connect your Android on web in a fast way. Choose your favorite way to connect: Direct connect or Scan QR Code to connect under Wi-Fi network. Say Goodbye to USB cable. No wires, no worries. Direct Connection Mode is designed for devices without front or rear camera.

★ Enjoy big screen, and PC keyboard: Think your Android screen too small and not so convenient to manage files? Web PC Suite helps you manage your Android content on computer browser, and enjoy the easiness of computer keyboard and screen.

★ Useful widgets on web:
Fast upload: Drag and drop to upload
Clipboard: Enter words on web and sync it to Android
Browser: Enter URL on web and open it on Android

★ Device storage analysis

★ Desktop Widget: Add widget to your desktop to realize fast connect

Now, app’s like these can be something of a chore to set up and get going, but Web PC Suite really couldn’t be easier and you will be managing your phone to your heart’s content in no time at all. Both ends of the service, from the app to the browser-based program, are a breeze to use and I didn’t encounter any problems with connectivity at all during my time with it, tested on both Chrome and Firefox browsers and a Galaxy Note 3.

Once you are connected, there is an impressive variety of things to do. You can play music stored on your device, right in the Web browser, install APK (Android application) files, read .txt files, and even categorise things on your phone according to your tastes.

There is even the ability to send Web pages to your phone, which is handy for later viewing, as is the clipboard function.

What is possibly the most impressive part is the fact that the Android app is completely free – with no ads at all, something of a rarity on Android these days. Most apps manage to sneak an ad or two in, but thankfully not here.

Overall, this is a fast and attractive way of remotely managing your phone from afar without the worry of compatibility problems. It all just works, without hassle and without, in my experience, any problems.

With an impressive free offering, Web PC Suite is pretty much the best in its class on Android.


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