YouBlue React – Bluetooth Android Review

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Accessories for your phone and tablet are great, especially when you can go completely cordless through Bluetooth. Managing those devices and connecting to them when and how you want them to, isn’t always as easy. YouBlue React – Bluetooth app by Kevin Ersoy is here to automate all of your stuff connected to your device. Here is some of the app’s description:

Choose from a variety of reactions when connecting to different Bluetooth devices. Create a different profile for each device (multiple profiles allowed in Pro). Build your own “If this, then do that” profile.

Bluetooth profile reactions include :
-Start an app
-Start another app
-Toggle Bluetooth
-Toggle WiFi
-Send “Media Play” intent (for default music player only)

Also react to WiFi
-Toggle Bluetooth
-Launch an app

**New Reactions**
Incoming call -> Turn on Bluetooth
Incoming call ended -> Turn off Bluetooth
Power connected -> Toggle Bluetooth
Power disconnected -> Toggle Bluetooth
Headphones connected -> Launch an app

Set-up the app by first going to the left hand side of the screen and adding a device in the menu. When the list of available devices appears, choose the desired accessory. You can even pair a new device from here, which will take you to the settings of your device to do so. The item’s profile is then added to the left hand menu and can be toggled on and off. Go to WiFi and More to configure settings and actions that you would like to change under certain conditions. For instance, automatically starting Bluetooth when WiFi is connected. Click on the blue icon that says Start YouBlue React to run the app in the background and keep it managing the profiles you have set-up.

YouBlue React is kind of like the IFTTT for all of your Bluetooth devices. The setting parameters let you choose when to turn Bluetooth on and off and what to do when devices are connected, like open certain apps immediately. It can be customized down to the amount of seconds when the selected app will open. This is especially helpful when going from the house to the car and vice versa, eliminating the hassle of turning on and off services and apps every day as you change locations. The service can also be easily accessed in the widget to be toggled on and off when desired. This free version only allows one profile to be configured and does includes some ads. For unlimited profiles and no ads, a YouBlue React Pro app is also available for only $3.99, a small price to pay to meet all of your Bluetooth management needs.

YouBlue React – Bluetooth is a great way to manage all of your Bluetooth phone accessories the way you want to, and its simple design is easy enough for anyone to use. The app is available now on Google Play for free.


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