Apps to Look out for – Angry Boo iPhone Review

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Angry Boo - Yubi Games

Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have otherwise gone under your radar, and that may be very well worth a look.

Angry Boo

Angry Boo is an ace little arcade style game that is actually a breath of fresh air in the casual iPhone game market.

It may use mechanics that we have seen before, but they are used well and presented in a professional package that will appeal to everyone. You take control of Boo, an angry ghost who wants to collect as many gold coins as he possibly can, all the while avoiding the attention of some creepy bats.

To this end, he must be luanched from spiderweb to spiderweb using an Angry Birds style slingshot technique. The controls work well, and give you the freedom to think tactically. Do I try a high arcing shot over the top of ther bats, or shall I risk a short sharp shot through them?

The graphics are good, with well drawn 2D sprites and a decent soundtrack. There are 28 levels to find and explore, and some of them are really devious in their design, especially the last few stages.

Here, in the words of the developer, are the games best features:

•Fast paced sling-shot inspired platform action.

•4 Diverse game zones.

•28 uniquely challenging arcade levels.

•Engaging coin collecting scoring system.

•iCloud online capabilities

•Integrated with Game Center

•Features interactive Openfeint online leaderboards.

•One cute ghost you won’t want to put down! 😉

So yes, there are also Game Center and Openfient features to work your way through, as well as iCloud support, which I am sure many of you will deem interesting.

Overall, this is an addictive and good looking game that will give you many hours of fun as you explore it’s creepy and well designed levels.


Angry Boo - Yubi Games


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