Apps to Look out for – Avas Flowers iPhone Review

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Avas Flowers - Official Mobile Avas Flowers App - Avas Flowers

Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have otherwise gone under your radar, and that may be very well worth a look.

Avas Flowers

Sometimes, maybe more often than most of us would care to admit, you forget to order that all-important bouquet or bunch of flowers. Finding a local florist can be a real pain when you are inn a pinch, and that is where Avas Flowers might just come to your rescue.

An iPhone app that simplifies and mobilises the main Avas Flowers Website service, this app is both extremely useful and very helpful.

The best thing about the app is that you can do the entire process of choosing and ordering you flowers without having to leave the app at any point. There is a vast variety of flowers to choose from, with gorgeous pictures of each kind, so you know exactly what you are getting. Once you have chosen, you go through a secure checkout at the end of the transaction. There is even a toll-free number to call in case you need any extra advice.

Here, in the words of the developers are Avas Flowers’ main features:

-Selection by Occasion

-Easy Navigation While Browsing

-Easy and Secure Checkout

-Easy Access to Help and Support

-Mobile Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Perhaps the most interesting feature for bargain hunters is that last one; Mobile Exclusive Deals and Discounts. Yes, users of the app can gain access to extra discounts that would not otherwise be available, a great incentive to download the app if you are a regular user of the Website. The site even give you a free upgrade on your next order just for downloading the app. (Here is a tip- even if you are at home, use the app to get in on those mobile deals!)

Overall, this is a great app if you are in a pinch, want some great discounts or simply prefer the slick mobile interface over the Web version. Also available for iPad and Android.

Avas Flowers - Official Mobile Avas Flowers App - Avas Flowers



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    • Confirmation sent to me. No flowers received. 3 phone calls later awful flowers & vase delivered. Disgusting experience. Told them re-deliver at no charge to me correct order tomorrow when my daughters husband is home as a witness. Will NEVER use this Co again.

    • So, I was furious when the flowers that I ordered, from what I thought, looking at the website they came up under Salt Lake City florists, was a local florist, never showed up at the hospital where my daughter had just delivered a baby boy. Not only did I order flowers, and flowers one step up in price from the arrangement pictured, but I also ordered a balloon and teddy bear. The website showed them delivered but nothing. And, at 5:30 on a Friday, after being on hold forever, I got a recording that they were closed until Monday. She came home on Sunday! BUT, when I called, a customer service agent, named Chloe , was so polite and ready to fix things that my anger faded away! I was in the fortunate position that an arrangement could still be sent to my daughter’s home, which wouldn’t be true fir a funeral! But, Chloe wanted to fix it. She said that the arrangement would be delivered that day to her home and that she would make sure that the local delivering florist would be on it. And, she offered a $10 refund. They were on it and a nice, but really small arrangement that approximated what I ordered was delivered. The local florist charged me for the added balloon and teddy bear, so I hope I didn’t pay twice. I’ll check. It sounds like the original floral arrangement was shipped FedEx so I don’t know how a balloon would be included. Nor do I know where it ended up! Kudos to Avos for hiring great customer service agents like Chloe. I’m disappointed in the fact that I had to wait over the weekend to contact them and that the arrangement was much smaller than I thought I ordered. Even with the $10 refund I do feel that I was taken advantage of and wish that I had used a local florist originally.

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