Apps to Look Out For – NoteLedge iPad Review

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NoteLedge® for iPad - Kdan Mobile Software LTD [A]pps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have gone under your radar, and may in fact be worth a look.


It is always great when reviewing an app, to find something truly great to write about. So, it was with great pleasure that I began reviewing NoteLedge for the iPad, and that is because of one simple aspect: The Navigator.

This brilliant interface allows you to easily copy and paste text, pictures and drawings across all aspects of the app and then to instantly resize and rotate the results, and it bacically lets you play to your heart’s content.

It really makes other note taking apps seem simple and pedestrian by comparison. The app is basically a note taking tool, but taken to a level never before seen, with such an enormous mulitude of options and features that it is simply extraordinary. NoteLedge is like a recording of your life, a diary, sketchbook and reminder all in one. You can record video and sound, take pictures and arrrange them all in a way that will be like a nostalgia trip when you come back to them in years to come.

Here are just some of the best features of the app, straight from the developer:

✏The Navigator allows you to crop and copy your texts, pictures and drawings in your own way and paste them wherever you like within the active area.

✏A collection of built-in stamps are available.

✏Create close-up writing and painting under magnifying mode.

✏Customize the contents with flexible cropping on photos and images.

✏Realistic handwriting and drawing experience.

✏A full set of stylus including a pencil, a crayon and three types of brushes.

✏Various fonts/colors/sizes are available for text typing.

✏Drag the text box anywhere within the note page to your liking.

✏Take notes and record at the same time. Add multiple video/audio recordings to create richer content.

✏Rest your palm while writing or drawing with a stylus.

✏Drag and drop audio/video files between pages

So, this is a great app that is both fun and functional. It is good looking and easy to use, and for the price, should really not be passed up.

NoteLedge® for iPad - Kdan Mobile Software LTD


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