Apps to Look Out For – Physics Slots Free HD iPhone Review

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Physics Slots Free HD - Batuhan Akalin Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have gone under your radar, and may in fact be worth a look.

Physics Slots Free HD

It is always nice when a developer releases a game that adds a new spin to an old idea, and with Physics Slots HD, the word ‘spin’ is very appropriate indeed, as this is a full slot machine simulator for iPhone and iPad.

With the game, you get a certain amount of credits and must try to win more by betting credits, either the max amount or in singles, on the spin of the machine. Win, and you can increase your credits exponentially, but lose and the credits are gone forever.

That new spin I mentioned comes in the form of true physics for the spinners. The items in the machine tumble and fall realistically and are physically stopped by bars that are raised at the bottom. It is a really cool effect, and helps to make the game stand out from others in the genre, as well as making you think that it may be a little bit fairer than other titles.

Here are the app’s best features, straight from the developer:

 3 Physics Based Slot Machines
– Physics Based Bonus Game when any “Win” comes.
– Progressive Jackpot
– 3-Card Poker Slot Machine
– 7 Game Center Leaderboards
– 100 Bonus Credits every 2 hours of active play.
– Auto Bet
– 1x, 5x and 20x Bet Amounts

There is a lot to like here. The game is ad supported, but these can be removed with a small in-app purchase, and the addition of Game Center integration for online leaderboards is a very clever one, as it really helps to make you feel like part of a community around the game.

Overall, this is a good looking, fun and addictive game that has a wide variety of options and proves to be one of the best games of its type in the App Store.

Physics Slots Free HD - Batuhan Akalin


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