Apps to Look Out For: PicDial: Social Photo SMS Android Review

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[A]pps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have gone under your radar, and may in fact be worth a look.
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PicDial: Social Photo SMS Android

PicDial: Social Photo SMS may just be the best thing to happen to fans of Facebook and Android phones. It brings a level of integration between Facebook and Android never before seen, and it also happens to be a really fun app to use.

PicDial, after you log in to your Facebook or MySpace account, manages to cram all your Facebook contacts into a usable app for both calling and texting. Now, you may be thinking that your phone can have Facebook and MySPace contacts added anyway, but not like this. When you receive a call from a Facebook friend, not only do you get a full screen picture from their Facebok profile on-screen, but you also get their latest status as well. There is actually a practical use for this, as you obviously get an instant hint as to what mood the caller is genuinely in.

If they have just posted on their Facebook status that they are mad at someone, then you can see that as they are calling you, so you know whether it is a good idea to answer or not. It is actually a fantastic feature, and one that really shows the capabilities of the app off brilliantly.

The text/SMS features are just as good. You can have a gorgeous looking carousel of who you are chatting to via SMS display at the top of the screen, while the text message thread is displayed at the bottom. It looks really nice, and may make you think you are using an entirely new phone.

Another brilliant feature is the addition of a backup service. PicDial automatically backs up your contacts to the cloud, meaning that you will never lose anybody’s contact details or phone number again.

Here is a short video overview of the app:

As you can see it is a great addition to your Android phone, and comes with the highest recommendation, especially as it is completely free to download!

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