Apps to look out for – Daedalus Touch iPad Review

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Daedalus Touch - The SoulmenApps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have otherwise gone under your radar, and that may be very well worth a look.

Daedalus Touch

There are a lot of options on the App Store for text editing, with dozens of apps vying for your attention. Even Apple has a version of Pages available for iPad. So, any new app has to be pretty special to stand out in the genre, and luckily, Daedalus Touch is just that- pretty special.

Here, there is no standard files and folders setup, it’s all stacks of paper and gestures. You swipe through pages by sweeping your finger across the screen from left to right, and it feels really natural and unique. Projects are saved as stack of paper, and you use pinch to zoom to select and zoom in on a stack.

It is really cool, and very innovative and the great thing is that it is fully compatible with Pages, so you can create in Daedalus and send your work to Pages  to edit if you so choose.

Here is a feature list, straight from the developer:

 Always-on global search.

Modeless match highlighting.

Responsive editor, even for large texts (20.000 words and more).

Highly configurable extra keyboard row.

Character- and word count.

Built-in support for TextExpander touch.

Built-in web browser to quickly look up or post stuff on the internet.

Three different font choices.

Four different color choices (including a “dark mode” for writing at night).

Manual sync with Dropbox and/or MobileMe; import folders, set remote sync-folders, sync single stacks, set cloud services on-the-fly.

Export via email, iTunes sharing and iPad’s “Open in…” service.

The app itself is gorgeous to look at and you really feel as if you are using something fresh and unique. The developer has intelligently used the features of the iPad, also being aware of its limitations, and I can highly recommend Daedalus Touch as one of the best text editors currently in the App Store.


Daedalus Touch - The Soulmen



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