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Havoc - Dinoroar Interactive

Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have otherwise gone under your radar, and that may be very well worth a look.


There are many different action games in the iOS App Store, and one of the best things about this is that you sometimes see genres mixed up into new types of games. Havoc is a case in point, as it is best described as a cross between classic games Rampage and Spyhunter.

Rampage was a side scrolling action game featuring monster tearing up a city, while Spyhunter was a top down racing action game. Never the twain shall meet? Well, take the top down road elements of Spyhunter and now add the monster controlling part of Rampage and you have yourself Havoc, the latest title from Dinoroar Interactive.

The game see’s you wreaking ‘havoc’ across a series of levels, destroying any and all resistance by using anything you can pick up as ammo to kill all the humans you can.

Here is the developers description:

Cause some Havoc! Help Xerxes, Samson and Lilith on their quest to find their baby.

Destroy everything in your path by picking up ammo and throwing them at objects.

Make sure to hit some flying rockets along the way (you never know, you might release special minions to help you.)

Havoc contains 5 unlockable levels set in different locations.

The more items you destroy the higher your chance to unlock the next level!

It’s good fun, and the doodle-esque art style is a nice fit. There are a few secrets to find (try shooting down the rockets to get a helping hand), and everything flows along nicely. The sound is decent, and the presentation is good overall.

Levels are unlockable by performing well in missions, and there is even a cast of different monsters to choose from to add a lot of variety to the game.

Overall, this is a nice enough little game to help you let off a bit of steam and is sure to make you feel like a bit of a beast.



Havoc - Dinoroar Interactive


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