Apps to Look out for – TaggyDial iPhone Review

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TaggyDial - solutionsee

Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have otherwise gone under your radar, and that may be very well worth a look.


Shoot Me, Tag me, Tap me, Call Me … The new way to call. That is the publishers tag line for TaggyDial, and it probably sums up the app far more succinctly than I ever could. Suffice to say, TaggyDial is a great new way of calling your friends. Essentially a contact/dialer replacement app, TaggyDial integrate several ideas to provide a way of calling people that genuinely feels new.

TaggyDial allows you to set up contacts from your photo gallery. What that means is that you could have a photo of four or five people, and touching each individuals face will initiate a phone call with that person. It is very clever and not just limited to phone calls as you can text, Facetime, E-Mail and even go to the persons address on Maps.

Here are the apps best features in the words of the developers:

-Choose from your favourite photos in the library or directly take a new photo, high resolution off course!

-Zoom and centre the photo before you use it with two fingers like you’re used to.

-Full screen photos, easy to see and tap.

-More contacts on one photo: all the friends you love to call just one tap away!

-Pair with a simple clicks the face within the contact: TaggyDial uses face recognition technology to ring faces into the photo! ( on ios 5.x)

-Scroll through all the photos quickly with a simple swipe: More intuitive than that!

-View, retrieve, sort and delete the photos thanks to the simple display list mode. Compatible with iPhone 3, 3g , 4 and 4S (ios 4.1 or better ) : If you can call on it … TaggyDial will work on it

The best thing about the app is its sense of fun, especially as you are not limited to tagging faces…

Overall, a great app that feels brand new and brings a lot of good ideas to the table. Fun and involving, I can see this becoming a lot ot peoples favourite contacts app, especially when they want to show their phone off!


TaggyDial - solutionsee


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