Apps to Look out for – Video Baby iPad Review

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Video Baby - Iyedah

Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have otherwise gone under your radar, and that may be very well worth a look.

Video Baby

The iPad can be a great tool for viewing media, both on the Internet and with items loaded on via iTunes.

The problem with the Web based media is that you can never really let your kids play with it, as you never know what they are going to accidentally come across. Policing what they can and can’t see is difficult, so most parents just don’t let their kids search the Web for videos, for the fear of letting them see inappropriate content.

That is where Video Baby comes in.

A video and media search tool and player that promises to only return results appropriate for young children, Video Baby is a very handy tool.

Here is what the developer has to say:

✭ Download and save videos so you can view them anywhere, anytime

✭ Video Baby makes searching for and organizing videos simple and fun

✭ Experience Video Baby with an amazing look and feel and intuitive interface

✭ Video baby makes navigating videos so easy even your baby can do it… actually that’s the point

✭ Sort videos into profiles and playlists.

The search tool is locked down very tight, and specifically doesn’t return results from sites like YouTube, and uses an extremely intuitive interface that really helps to bring out the best in videos on the Web. The app even brilliantly lets you download and save the videos for viewing later on.

The interface the app uses is really very good, and is actually the high point of the application. Despite the fact that its results are limited, the interface is so good, I can see a lot of adults using this as their primary source of video content on the move, simply because of the clever interface.

I tested this on my children and they loved it, I have to admit.

What is even better is that the basic app comes completely free of charge, so you can try everything out to see if you like it before upgrading to the full package.

This comes recommended to anyone who is worried what their kids might be watching on their iPads, very good app.


Video Baby - Iyedah


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