Countdown of the 10 Best Apps of the Month – December 2011

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A monthly feature here at TSAR, we take a look back at all the apps we have reviewed this month here on the site and give you a run down of the best ten. The apps are taken from the 24th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month. Why the 24th? Well, the reasons are just too mystical(and mundane) to mention here.

We take apps from all of our reviewers, and from all formats but it is important to remember that the list isn’t purely based on the score each app got, but rather a collective feeling of overall quality or importance. So, a game that got a score of 90% might find itself below an app that got 85% if we feel that the 85% rated app has that something special that makes it a more memorable title but just lacked a few features that marked it down in the actual review.

In essence, the reviews are more clinical, with the score coming from the brain, but this list is more from the heart.

So, without further ado;

10. Batman Arkham City Lockdown, Format: iPhone, Score: 87%

Reviewed 8th December, read full review here

Batman strode confidently onto iOS with this great beat ’em up set on the streets of Arkham City. Based on the recent Xbox 360 and PS3 title, this game stripped away all the exploration and stealth elements of that game and concentrated on the fighting. The result is a cinematic fighting experience that really captures the feel of the Arkham Batman games. Not quite as good as Infinity Blade II, but this is still a great option for Batfans.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown - Warner Bros.

9. Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk, Format: Android, Score:84%

Reviewed 9th December, read full review here

Dizzy made a triumphant return to gaming in a great little quest that can keep you entertained for hours on end. Using an excellent new graphic engine, Dizzy looks right at home on Android and provided a game that, while not an out and out classic, is still a very decent platform puzzle game that needs to be played on its own terms. Those of you with fond memories of Dizzy will not be disappointed, while those of you brand new to the series will also find a lot to love here.

 8. Grand Theft Auto 3 10th Anniversary, Format: iPhone, Score: 85%

Reviewed 15th December, read full review here

Rockstar finally released the long awaited GTA 3 for iOS, and we have to say the conversion is a success. While not perfect by any means, as Rockstar continue to release bug fixing updates, it is still the same game we all played to death ten short years ago. The game moves pretty smoothly compared to the original(I think some reviewers have rose tinted spectacles on when comparing the two),  and the fantastic radio stations made a welcome return. Well worth a look, especially at its current sale price.

Grand Theft Auto 3 - Rockstar Games

7. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Format: iPhone, Score 90%

Reviewed 19th December, read full review here

The first of many games this month that breached the 90% score barrier, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is a great platform game with a lot of charm. The graphics are really nice, and the levels are multi-directional and display a level of depth rarely seen in mobile platform games. There is a small issue with the odd save points, but a funny story, good controls, jaunty music and the lovely graphics help to make this a title that, if you are a fan of platform games, you really should be checking out.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Full) - WayForward Technologies, Inc.

 6. Spectral Souls, Format: Xperia Play, Score: 92%

Reviewed 21st December, read full review here

An Xperia Play version on a PSP game, Spectral Souls is an unrivalled success.  A massive RPG, Spectral Souls is as deep as you get, and gives many other mobile RPG games an absolute spanking any which way you look at it. The game was created in Japan, and it shows, not only in the level of depth but in the excellent combat system. The game benefits from the physical controls, and there is a lot of game here; it took me over 50 hours to see the end, and the creators reckon there are over 100 if you choose to see everything.

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