Orange Cache Cleaner Android Review

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Android has played host to many apps that clean the application cache, freeing up a bit of memory to help keep your phone running a bit smoother at the very least, and can even help to make older phones usable, in the most extreme examples.

The issue that I, and a great many other users have is that these kinds of apps can often end up being as bloated as the memory on the phones they are supposed to help. Annoying notifications, strange performance spikes and apps suddenly deciding to stop working are all typical signs that you may have one of these apps running.

So, it was with some trepidation that I approached Orange Cache Cleaner. However, I am happy to report that this is one of the most well designed apps of this kind on Android, not because of a huge list of over the top features, but because it is designed from the ground up to be as unobtrusive and helpful as possible.

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You simply open up the app, and tap the big ‘clean cache’ button, and the app will do its work. No up selling of other apps, no premium ‘sections’ to buy. Just a small app that does its job and has a decent set of features:

– 1-tap to clear all cached files
– Automatic scan when you open the app
– Auto exit when all cached files are cleaned
-Clear cache for a specific application
– List of Applications by their cache size or app name
– Cleaning of residual files
– Safelist feature to protect apps you don’t want cleaned

Now, you may look at that list and think that it compares poorly to some of the so-called big boys, but you really should be looking at that list as something refreshing, as the app has no silly overheads, and only has the ad-free Pro version, which you can download here, to possibly sell you.

One area where the orange Cache Cleaner beats out the competition is in the interface, which is as attractive as it is effortless. Yes, you may have guessed it has a orange look to it, but I think this look is striking and full of character.

Overall, I have to rate this as the very best free cache cleaner on Android, with a compact but focused suite of features, unobtrusive design and good looks.


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