Resonator Android Review

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Resonator, available for Android smartphones and tablets through the Google Play store, is a great way to find out what you have in common with other people, not just potential partners but also family and friends.

The idea is to find out how much you may ‘resonate’ with another person, hence the title of the app.

You create neat little ‘Matchups’, which are multiple choice cards that you can fill in and then compare with others via a pretty clever percentage based outcome screen.

The multiple choice sections are very well done, as they are all completely custom-made by each individual. You create a matchup using questions and images, and then publish it to the app with others free to participate in your matchup if they so choose.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Discover how much you have in common with other people including your friends. You complete Matchups, which are fun image-based multiple choice quizzes and it tells you, in percentage, how much you have in common with other users. You can also publish your own Matchups for other users to complete. You can use it to find new friends; others to do activities with; or for dating. You may even find your soul mate but we make no promises.

Resonator grabs your profile picture and name from Facebook, which is mandatory for the app and uses this information to create your Resonator profile. The app displays a list of all current users, and you can attempt to matchup with them at will, and you can even see statistics for each part of the matchup as you are completing it.

Inviting people to the app is very easy, with the deep Facebook integration, and this part of the app worked fast and fluid. The app as a whole is actually pretty easy to navigate, and is laid out in an intelligent way, with a nice shuffle option complementing the user list as another way to find matchups.

With a minimalist design reminiscent of early Facebook looks, Resonator does have a lot going for it. The app is completely free and while it can be a good way of finding dates, I would imagine that inviting friends and creating questions for them could be good fun as well.

Overall, well worth a look to either see just how well you match with your friends or to find new people to connect with.


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