Saboteur II: Avenging Angel iPhone Review

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Saboteur II: Avenging Angel is the iPhone and iPad version of a game that we recently reviewed for Android. Now available for iOS, Saboteur II: Avenging Angel does indeed share a lot with its Android brethren, so here are some quotes from my original review, all of which hold true for this version;

The new sections are huge compared to the original, and by several orders of magnitude. New story, told through Metal Gear-style radio chatter, new areas to explore and new puzzles to solve. It is a genuinely impressive thing to see; the developer could easily have released this as a third game in the series, but instead left it as a lovely surprise for returning fans.

New and remixed music is also here, and is a treat. In fact, the whole game stands up as a demonstration of just how these sort of things can be done. If more developers porting older games to mobile took the stance of not simply refining what is already there, but actually adding new and fresh content to decades old games, then the marketplace for such games would be a far more exciting place.

Saboteur II still holds up today as an interesting and fun adventure game, and the addition of new levels and ideas just takes it to another place. If you were a fan of these games in the 80’s, then this is a must buy, and I would still recommend this to anyone looking for a deeper and more thoughtful action game than you can usually find on mobile.

The ‘Avenging Angel’ of the title is Nina, the sister of the original game’s mysterious ‘Ninja’ character, which is interesting as Nina was one of the first ever female protagonists in a video game, released in 1987, the same year Nintendo introduced Samus Aran, another female lead, into the world of videogames.


Nina is set the task of sabotaging a nuclear missile by altering the course it is going to take. To do this she must traverse caves, bunkers and other environments, composed of single screens which are navigated from a side on perspective, and although this is more of a stealth puzzle game, there are some platforming elements to be found.

This extended cut of the original shares many of the bonuses from the Android version, including the excellent extra stages. New remixed music, the ability to choose different graphics and MFI controller support are all in, as is the extra addition of in-game achievements. This version is also free, with in-app purchases to unlock the full game.

Saboteur II: Avenging Angel is a superb updating of a classic game, and still deserves attention, both from long time fans and those looking for some fresh stealth based action.


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