Tackler – Life Changer iPhone Review

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Tackler – Life Changer available for iPhone through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a life organising app that goes as far to say that it can change your life. This seems like a lofty goal, but we put it to the test in our review.

Tackler is a goal setting app with a surprising amount of customisation available, both in terms of the different types of goals you can look to achieve and also in how you can change the look of the app to suit your needs. There are plenty of apps that can help you to set up money-saving objectives, but few that also allow you to simultaneously track your weight loss, or to simply keep a record of how many times you have walked the dog that week.

It is this unique customisation aspect that makes the app so much better than many of its contemporaries.

Creating a new item to track gives you a mind-boggling array of options, and each thing you can track has several layers data and options to wade through, which may seem like a negative but it is presented in an intelligent and well thought out way, with screens of attractive icons guiding you to the data you need.

I particularly liked the way Tackler offers you an array of different units to measure each goal, which is a genuinely nice touch that means the goals can make more real world sense for a lot of people. Imperial, metric and even different scales are offered.

There are also a number of analytics options, allowing you to look back and compare your progress with other time periods, using charts and graphs, which is not something I have seen very often in apps like this and I think it is a superb addition.

Tackler is free to download and use, and there is a premium subscription which seems to offer a few more options. I can’t verify this as, at the time of review, I couldn’t get the subscription to work as the purchase screen only has a restore purchases option. When this changes I will update the review.

Now, onto the question of whether Tackler can actually change your life. Well, it is a thorough and deeply usable goal tracker, so although I wouldn’t say that it can outright change your life overnight, I do think it can help your life in a number of  ways, such as losing weight or saving money.

If you go all in with the app, and use it like the tool it is supposed to be, then it genuinely can help you to optimise your lifestyle, achieve goals and make changes. It is designed around you tracking multiple things at a time, and it does this better than any other app I have used, with the excellent colour and style options helping to bring it all together.

If you are looking for an app to help you make some positive changes to many different aspects of your lifestyle, then Tackler is an excellent choice.



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