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CiNPLAT is a superb travel companion for the regular or business traveller, providing an incredibly rich feature set with such a wealth of information that it would be really hard to recommend any other travel app over this one.

The service the app provides genuinely does make you feel as if you have a helper companion to your journey, watching your back at all times. An astonishing array of tools and features are there to not only keep you abreast of your journey with things such as flight times, but to actually warn and alert you to potential problems way ahead of time, allowing you to plan and avoid potentially trip ruining or even dangerous events.

The list of things the app and service can do is very long, but I have included it here so you can get an idea of just what this app can do:

Learn about the country you are travelling to with various information included in the app, such as safety information, emergency contact details, crime rates, terrorism information and live feeds.

Keep up to date with security news from across the globe, feeds are delivered direct to your mobile device so that you can assess your location and future movements.

The app allows you to report an incident as it occurs, so that other travellers can be alerted. Your beacon feeds into CiNPLAT control and is then assessed before being sent to other users.

Gain access to various security related information, written to keep you informed and educated on how to react and what to do if an incident occurs.

We understand that you may want to store travel related files and the secure vault allows you to upload, download and view various file types such as pdf, word and images. You are able to store copies of your passports, travel itinerary and much more.

Keep informed of flights that you have booked by inserting your flight details, then receive live flight information as it happens. Notifications will be sent in relation to your flight, so that you will know if the flight has been delayed, cancelled etc.

Alert a family member or friend if you are in a vulnerable situation, simply swipe the SOS button to the right and your dedicated contact will receive an email notification showing your location. CiNPLAT can also provide additional assistance.

Communication is vital in some situations, although just being able to communicate with other CiNPLAT users and friends is also a handy tool. The messaging facility allows you to search other users nearby and then to make contact with them (if they have clicked their privacy allow button), you can also access your phones contacts and send/receive messages.

Travel safety e-learning is designed to educate users on varying topics, with a view of increasing safety whilst travelling. Courses offered and delivered through the app are Travel Security, Terrorism Awareness and Lone Worker.

Pretty comprehensive isn’t it? Now, many readers of this review may simply be looking for an app that can provide a few travel alerts and flight times, and see some of those features listed above as a bit of an overkill, but consider the benefits that are on offer.

Let us pretend that a country or city that you are travelling to has become dangerous, for whatever reason. First of all, CiNPLAT will probably alert you to any problems ahead of time, allowing you to take another route or to cancel your plans. Falling that, you can use the app to securely message people to let them know you are OK, and even send them your exact location on a map. You can also alert them that you are in real trouble, again with an email that contains your location.

What is more, using the ‘Vault’ system, you able to store copies of your passport and other important travel documents, which really could be a genuine boon if you get stuck. You can even set a beacon, warning fellow CiNPLAT users that there is a problem in the area.

One important element, and one that could potentially be overlooked, are the educational features on offer here. There are courses and guides that teach you how to react to an emergency situation, and what you should do if a problem should arise. This, combined with all the other features, are what makes this an essential part of your travel toolset.

The app itself is very easy to use, even with all of the features available. Everything is intelligently laid out, with menus and screens designed with the user in mind, and I liked the fonts and use of news feeds and video coverage that feel naturally implemented within the confines of the app interface.

Overall, if you are looking for a travel app that ticks all the boxes, and adds a few new boxes for other services to try to tick in the future, then CiNPLAT comes highly recommended. Regular travellers will find that this is a goldmine, but anyone who feels that they need a bit more support or guidance when away will really feel the benefits here, and so will those who are keen to monitor a loved one’s journeys.

In-app purchases are required to unlock some of the features here.


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