I Hate You Android Review

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I Hate You, available for Android through the Google Play store, is an action driving game that shows a lot of potential and is thoroughly playable, but could also be a lot more than it is.

The game sets you with the task of fighting against childhood fears and adult phobias, with the intent being to destroy things like spiders, snakes and clowns. Essentially, if there is a common phobia about it, then you will probably find it in this game.

You take control of a variety of killing machine vehicles, armed with a multitude of weapons and hunt down the bad guys, whether they be snakes, spiders or anything else. The game is basically an arena based car game, and it has the driving feel down perfectly, with decent touch screen controls and vehicles that feel as responsive as they should.

I Hate You – Android Apps on Google Play

Finding and hunting enemies is good fun, een if they are quite simplistic foes. It is a bit of a score attack style of game, as you zoom around the 3D levels, looking for foes to kill.

The game is very impressive to look at, not only because of the 3D engine, but also because of the design of the cars, which all look great. In fact, it looks just like a Twisted Metal or Carmageddon-style game, and that brings me to my main gripe with the game; I wish it was a Twisted Metal-style game. I would love to take these cars and do some proper car vs car combat, as the whole thing seems perfectly suited to that.

Add in online play, and you would have an awesome vehicle combat game. The game in its current form feels like a bonus mode from a larger game and, fun as it is right now, I would love to see what this developer could do if they decided to get a bit more ambitious.

The game as it is, is still a fun game to play. With plenty of levels and enemies to mess around with it is a fun distraction, and the graphics are really very good. If you are looking for a car game with a difference, then I Hate You is well worth a look.

I Hate You is also available for iOS here: I Hate You iTunes


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