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Meemz is also available for Android here: Meemz on Google Play Store.

Meemz is a brand new app for iPhone and iPad that grants access to millions of Internet ‘memes’ in an easy and intuitive way. Memes are of course, nothing new but for many people, finding the perfect meme for the moment can be far more difficult than it should be.

Trawling through Google for the right one can be laborious, and the apps that do include them are usually limited in the selection they offer, often just offering one topic or genre at a time or being no better than just using Google, with clunky and amateurish interfaces.meemz

Meemz is a little different, with millions and millions of pictures to discover and a strikingly simple interface that is perfect for the task. If you find the thought of ploughing through millions of pictures a little daunting then fear not, as Meemz has been built from the ground up to learn what you like and what you don’t like, with very good results.

Every time you view a picture or GIF, there will be a tick or a cross along the bottom of the screen. Tapping either will tell the app to learn your interests and preferences, allowing it to display memes that are more focused on what you are likely to actually enjoy and like. It works a little like Tinder in a way, but with memes instead of people, and it really does make the app come together.

Each meme can be shared to your friends via a wide variety of methods, which is essential for an app like this. You can also add your own memes to the app, where they are kept in a separate screen for your convenience, and can also be uploaded for other Meemz users to view and use. This means that Meemz could easily become your instant go to when needing a meme or when you find one elsewhere that takes your fancy.

The interface is excellent, with a cool and simplified design that really makes the app stand out.

Overall, Meemz is a very good app for users of memes, providing an excellent source of pics, as well as somewhere to keep your own. Highly recommended for fans of memes and social addicts everywhere.


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