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Onsway, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a shopping and search app with a difference. Using what must be a pretty advanced algorithm, the app will provide you with a lot of information about a product that using any other service, would require multiple searches and many different websites to find.

You start by simply searching for the product you want in the main search field. Then, once you choose the item that interests you, the app will give you a multitude of information about that item.onsway

You can see the specifications and details about the product, but the app goes much further than that. It seems to collate user reviews from multiple sources, so you can get the lowdown direct from fellow customers, as well as professional reviews. You can also see many photos of the product, view ads and even get all the latest news related to the item, from across the Web.

This allows you to make a truly informed choice when buying a product. The combination of reviews, news, videos and images allows you to see, not only if people are enjoying the product but also if the news tells you that the product has a future, which is especially important if buying an expensive electronics product.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Available for iPhone and iPad
– App doesn’t collect any credit card or personal data
– Ad-free
– Browse the web, relevant results in an orderly fashion
– Social media features
– Smooth user-experience

The app itself is very well designed, with the layout both easy to use and efficient. There is a lot of data to display, but Onsway manages to keep everything uncluttered, and new users will find that navigating their way around the app is a breeze.

Overall, Onsway is a great option for shoppers looking for a bit more information to go along with their searches, and as such is recommended by us as something to watch out for.


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