Weather Live Free Android Review

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Weather apps are and always will be, available in abundance on the Google Play store. They are so suited to the Android operating system, with support for live widgets and alerts, that and app will find itself in one of the most overcrowded genres on and smartphone platform.

So, a weather app has to do some pretty special things in order to make itself stand out. Most apps end up taking the road most traveled, which is to make the app look as gorgeous as possible. They all do look gorgeous, but as many have discovered, it can be tricky getting the app to look as good as it does on the store page, when it does end up on your home screen.

Weather Live is one of the few weather apps that does actually good and behave as well as it appears to do on the store, and is a breeze (forgive the pun), to set up.

With all fo the features that you would come to expect from a modern weather app, Weather Live Free wraps it all up in a smart little package that will look good on basic phones as well as the latest, op end devices with images and a design well suited to different screen sizes.

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Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best feature:

• Extended weather forecast for any coming day of the week or hour
• Alerts and notifications to warn you about critical changes in your area: wind and rain, floods and thunderstorms, snow and ice, mist and fog, extreme conditions and special marine warning, etc.
• Customizable layout. Choose the parameters you want to be displayed in the layout settings.
• Beautiful easy-to-glance skins: basic or detailed info, text only or circle layout.
• Local time in 12 or 24-hour format
• Easy navigation between cities: swipe either to the left or to the right to switch between locations

The app has the ‘feel’s like’ function, which is a must-have feature, in my opinion. The fact that some apps don’t have this in incredible.

Weather Live has been completely built around Android, and even has the current temperature in your status bar, which is a neat extra. The notifications are user oriented, and the widgets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including a very cool circular design.

The backgrounds available for the different weather types are stunning, with some beautiful imagery, and they  look great on all the different shapes and sizes of screen that I tried them out on. The only negative that I could find about the app is that the ads can distract from the overall effect of the images.

Overall, this is a great free weather app that will easily replace and improve upon, more expensive options. With some gorgeous images, a smart design and some great options, Weather live is highly recommended.


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