The Smartphone App Review provides useful reviews of various applications which you may want to introduce onto your handset. There are so many apps around nowadays that it seems like there is one for everything.

This variety is due to a huge surge in development over the last few years, creating a virtual world of games, organizers and business apps. We have not always had this much choice however. It is hard to believe that there was a time when, to make a phone call, we had to dial manually, taking the numbers from a phonebook. Now, phonebook is already programmed into your phone. The first mobile phone that was able to do more than just call and text was launched in 1992. It was given the nickname ‘Simon’ and was available in America.

Back then, it was impressive if a phone had a calendar, address book and notepad. The advances which have been made are astonishing. When you look at sites like O2 you can see the true range which is now on offer. Nokia was an early starter, producing the 9210 handset which used an open operating system. The smartphone was technically born in 1997, with the first Ericsson phone to be called by this name. Perhaps the thing that guaranteed the success of the smartphone was the App Store created in 2008.

Apps have taken over and there are now plenty of free ones that smartphone users have access to. In 2011, there are countless new smartphones being released almost weekly. One thing which helps this growth is the continual development of new apps. This helps to keep the key demographic of customers interested in each respective handset. They are also becoming thinner, faster and brighter. With bigger screens and more capabilities there really seems to be no end in sight for the development of this technology.