Couchr iPad Review

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In the world of online videos, YouTube is king. Anyone, anywhere in the world can have their own channel and broadcast almost anything they want. You can find a plethora of things from celebrity gossip to tips and tricks for make-up, or how to repair your car. If you want to look for just a subject or genre though, you could be looking through random videos for hours. So many videos to search through can make the task of finding what you are really looking for take some time. Thankfully Couchr can help.

Couchr by Couchr Inc. is an app for iPad that puts together collections of the best videos on various subjects into channels so you can watch what you are really interested in. Here is the apps full description:

Tired of constantly looking for high quality content on YouTube?

The Couchr app lets you lean back and enjoy premium content collected by area experts and smart algorithms. You can even chat with other users watching the same channel as you.Couchr image 2

Looking for world or business news? We have a channel for that. Looking to see cool new gaming videos about Minecraft,
Battlefield, Call of duty and other popular games? We have that as well.
Want to let your younger family members enjoy an endless stream of cartoons? Try our Super Heroes and Friends channel.

Couchr has more than 100 subject specific channels that you can explore and watch.

Couchr also has the following features:

* Chat with other couchrs watching the same channel.
* Help the experts collect better content by utilizing the Up or Down voting buttons.
* Save your favorite channels.
* See what videos are coming up next on the channel’s lineup.

Launching Couchr brings you directly to a Featured Channel home page. Here the channels are a cluster of videos arranged by subject; Tech, News, Games, Baby, etc. You can log in with Facebook or Twitter but it isn’t a requirement. The main channel page shows a preview image of what is playing in each channel along with the title of the video and where it is at in the video playback. Tapping a channel will bring you into an already playing video that is streaming YouTube videos one after another, like a playlist. There is a description of the channel and you can see what video is up next, then scroll through a few of the videos that are qued in the channel.

It is an interesting concept as it isn’t live content but a live channel that is running previously recorded content. I cannot scrub through the videos or skip through, it’s just to watch like you would a live television channel. I do really like the concept for my kids, as my toddler is a big fan of the YouTube app for kids. He never really knows what he wants to watch, so the non-stop cartoons could really come in handy. I also like that there is a chat feature. My interests are primarily in tech and gadgets. Watching while reviewers analyze the newest devices and chatting with others who are fans as it plays could really be fun and adds a great interactive aspect to the app. I should mention that you do need to login to Facebook for the chat feature to work. Mark your favorite channels so you can easily find them, and thumb up and down the clips as they play to give the app team feedback on what you like to see. The ability for users to create their own channel is coming soon.

Couchr is a great app with good quality and current content in a well designed format. A great video app to check out news recaps, how-to videos or just for entertainment. Couchr is available in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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