Countdown HD iPad Review

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Countdown HD - Official TV Show App - Deluxe Digital Studios LondonCountdown is based on the classic British TV quiz, which I have always been a fan of, trying to beat the contestants with longer words than them and on the numbers game using my maths skills, and trying to solve the random target number from the other six other numbers before the clock strikes!

Now I can play the game for real, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to play it. it looks very well presented and has one word game, then a number game, another word game and a numbers game followed by a conundrum at the end. It really should be a bit longer though, because what I just described is really all you get.

The graphic are pretty good and look as you would expect, but lack character. In the first round you can pick certain amount of vowels or contestants to make up the letters and have to make as many words as you can, and the famous big clock is in the background so you know you are always fighting against the time! in the numbers round you can pick six tiles on the game board and it picks a random number that you have to make out of those numbers, and then if you get it right you get ten points (if you are away 1 then 9 etc) and if you cant make the number it will show you how its done. In the conundrum you have to buzz in when you think you know the word and then spell it out.

There is a two player mode where you can pass and play the iPad between each other or play by Bluetooth. No Wi-Fi or online play is a disappointment.
You can have top scores saved on the iPad so you can compare points between people locally, but for me Facebook integration is missing here, which is unforgivable for this type of game in my opinion.

I quite liked this game but I think they rushed this out for Christmas as there is so much more they could have done with it and it does get extremely repetitive very quickly, and the novelty, even for Countdown fans, soon wears off.

At least it’s got the classic Countdown music…. 

Countdown HD - Official TV Show App - Deluxe Digital Studios London


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