Coverjam Pro iPad Review

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Coverjam Pro - Electric PocketThere are a lot of apps in the Apple App Store that want to replace the iPod music app. There offer a whole tonne of new features not offered as standard, with some of the features adding decent capabilities to the iPad.

The real problem for most of these apps is that there isn’t actually a whole lot wrong with the built in app. It’s fast, attractive and easy to use and has a nice array of features baked in from the start, and as most of the potential replacements are pretty bloated and forget about the simplicity inherent in iOS there hasn’t really been a reason not to simple use the built-in app for all music.

Well, until now that is.

Coverjam Pro proves that you can have the best of both worlds as it so intelligently integrates itself with the built-in player.

The app for the most part, looks identical to the iPod app; a very clever move. Browsing artists, songs and playlists is exactly the same as it is with the iPod app, and it is only when you play a song that you notice any changes.

The actual player has a sleeker dashboard, and it is here where the app comes into its own. I remember the first time I saw an iPod display the album art for a song and being really impressed, well Coverjam takes this concept a step further. It searches the Internet for images related to the current artist and song and displays ten of them in a carousel style while the song is playing. It gets the most recent images first, so if an artist is on tour you will probably get some nice pictures of them playing live, for example.

It displays new pictures for each song, and it’s because of this that I feel the app really comes alive when playing full albums or playlists.

If you don’t like an image, or if it isn’t related to the artist or song, there is a quick delete button that removes and blocks the image and gets a replacement from the web, and there  is also the option of refreshing all ten pictures at once.

A nice touch is that, if you are playing songs with the iPod app and decide to switch to Coverjam, the app will automatically get the images for the song playing in the iPod and display them just the same. It is actually a really cool features, and no doubt will help Coverjam to slowly elbow the built-in app out of your subconscious. This feature also works vice versa.

Any images you find can be shared via E-mail, Twitter and Facebook, and you can even open up the photo’s source page in Safari to have a nose around.

The app looks glorious on an iPad’s big screen, and the app is perfectly suited to being played in a music dock, and it’s almost like having your own music channel. There is a free version available, although this strangely isn’t coded to take advantage of the iPad like the paid version is.

Overall, this is simple, elegant and if you are a music fan, essential.

Coverjam Pro - Electric Pocket


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