Dizzy returns on Dec 9th for iPhone, iPad and Android(Trailer)

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Codemasters have let us know that they are reviving their classic franchise, Dizzy for Android and iPhone on December 9th.

It has been many years since the classic egg-shaped hero was on our screens in many Spectrum, C64 and Amiga games. If you are either too young or unaware of Dizzy, the games were a mixture of platforming, puzzles and fetch quests that had a big smattering of witty dialogue and difficult gameplay.

The games always had a charming, simple look and it looks as if Codemasters have done the series justice with the new visuals that while obviously far more detailed, still retain the original feel of the timeless series. The games, while very slow-paced required some pixel perfect platforming skills at various points, so it will be interesting to see if Codemasters have managed to translate this aspect of the game to a touchscreen interface.

We have the first teaser trailer below, and also a comprehensive gallery of images for the game. Expect our review to hit around the same time as the game lands, and enjoy the trailer and screenshots in the meantime.




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  1. I have always been fond of DIzzy, since I played it on Commodore 64 when I was a kid. Happy to find it for IOS
    but.. I didn’t download it as I read the comments on the game in the AppStore. 3 ppl say it doesn’t work..
    it’s not been upgraded since 2011… and I upgraded my IOS devices to IOS 6.. I’ll wait for an upgrade before buying it.. pity I can’t play it right now.. 🙁

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