Dream Home HD iPad Review

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Dream Home HD - ApalonWe have seen recently with our review of the Ketchup Cooking App for iPad that it is possible to create unique and interesting apps based on subjects that seem to come out of left field.

Here we have Dream Home HD, essentially a photo collection of amazing rooms from stunning looking houses. The aim of the app is to inspire you to try to create a similar effect in your own home, and it does this by providing plenty of hints, tips and ideas to get you started. In this way, the app is more of a magazine, so perhaps labeling it as just a photo collection may be doing it a disservice.

The guide section is pretty comprehensive and has plenty of content for the price, and actually may be worth the money all on its own, and will definitely provide value to budding home decor enthusiasts. This section also has loads of information on the latest design trends and fads, so those of you who like to keep up with the Jones’ will find this part invaluable.

The main draw here, however, is obviously going to be the gallery of homes to view. Every type of room and style imaginable is here and the sheer range of rooms to see is mind boggling, luckily the app features a superb navigation system that really utilises the iPad’s big screen. The big screen is also used to good effect by the quality of the photos, as they look great, really high res and appear better than photos from print magazines.

There are many different galleries, from living rooms and kitchens all the way the Feng Shui and Pools, and they can be filtered be colour, style, most recent, popular and by your own favourites. There is also a neat slideshow feature, with all the expected options but also the great idea of letting you play your own music from your iPod collection as the slideshow plays. It’s actually a really good way to view the galleries.

One thing I really wish has been included are panoramic images. The ability to look around the beautiful rooms would have been really cool. Perhaps we will see this feature in a future update, and also a share via Facebook or Twitter option for the photos would have been nice.

The galleries are all viewable offline, which is handy, but does lead me to a criticism. The navigation system is great, but can be a little slow to react to input, it’s not horribly slow, but there is enough of a delay to take the edge off the smoothness of the app.

Overall, a good example of how to make a decent magazine app. The imagery is beautiful, with a great, if a little slow, menu system and there are plenty of worthy articles to make this a recommended purchase for all budding home designers.

Dream Home HD - Apalon


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  1. There is already a non-hd version version out for ipod with both a free and paid for option, just search dream home on the app store

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