eXPlayer Pro iPad Review

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eXPlayer Pro - Zhigang ChenThe iPad is quickly becoming my multimedia device of choice. Though being restricted to iTunes and syncing to add files can be a hassle. Then there are limited file types that are compatible, and so on and so on. Many apps have been developed to get around these types of restrictions, eXPlayer Pro by Zhigang Chen is one of these.

eXPlayer Pro is a universal app that streams most audio and video formats to your iOS device from your PC or Mac. I admit, when first opening the app I was a bit at a loss of where to begin. There is a video under Local Files and Tutorial that demonstrates how to add a network folder. Unfortunately it has no audio instruction and shows the setup process very quickly. So quick that I had to start and stop the video several times before understanding exactly what to do. Once I read through the instructions and video, I was connected to my main computer and ready to go.

The easiest set-up for me was to use the DLNA server to my home computer. The auto discovery came up right away and I was able to access my music, photo and video files. The music was accessed and played very easily, with no lagging or playing issues. The videos on the other hand were a little hit or miss. My mov files seemed to play alright with a little lag, though avi files only played audio with a green screen. Anything else I accessed seemed to cause the app to crash.

One discovery I did enjoy was the divx playability. Not only could I play the files downloaded onto the computer in this format, but I could also access them on the web portion of the app through a browser, where the link would then play in the video player. They didn’t all work and it was a bit slow to load, but still a plus in my book. Another nifty feature was the ability to play files from WebDAV servers like CloudMe and Box.net. And that’s not all. There is a whole lot more that eXPlayer Pro can do. Here is the full list of features:

* Play most audio/video formats
* Play videos directly from your NAS storage or windows sharing location without PC client(support CIFS/FTP/UPnP(DLNA)/WebDAV protocols)
* Stream HTTP media files.
* Support 720p
* Support TV out
* Support srt/ssa/ass subtitle files
* Search files on NAS/FTP/WebDAV server
* Transfer files from NAS or windows sharing location/FTP/WebDAV server via WiFi
* Transfer files via USB cable by iTunes
* Passcode lock
* Mount as a network drive in Windows/Mac OS X (WebDAV server support)


All in all eXPlayer Pro is a handy little app to have. When you need a multimedia player with multiple support, this will have you covered. There are definitely some improvements that can be made here, but for a universal app it is a good start, and a lower price than some other apps that can do the same but with less compatibility. eXPlayer Pro is available in the App Store now for $4.99.


eXPlayer Pro - Zhigang Chen


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