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Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc.The iPhone is one of the most useful gadgets out there, so when the iPad came out, it mostly seemed like a bigger iPhone that didn’t call anyone. Then, some defining apps came out that showed this device was more than just a giant iPhone. Flipboard is one of them.

Flipboard merges your most desired social media feeds into one place. Wait, there are several apps that do that, and some are actually very good as well. But what Flipboard gives you is not just your feed re-fed and merged into one place, it creates a personalized magazine, beautifully displayed, with your favorite interests and sites from the web. Simply flip through pages of your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timelines to experience your magazine.

Now, magazines still do very well, but they always end, leaving you to wait for the new month. Flipboard is a never ending magazine, with the whole of the internet as its content source. From actual publications like Rolling Stone to tech blogs like Wired. And unlike other magazines, it has the ability to save articles for reading later using Instapaper or Readability.

The app is also incredibly easy to set up. Just sign in to each account to import your desired social sources. One thing lacking from Flipboard previously was the variety of social networks. In the newest update, you can now link as many as twelve accounts. Not only Facebook and Twitter, but Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Flickr, and Google Reader as well. Flipboard gives you the ability to read posts from each feed and interact with them. Favorite, Like, Re-blog and Retweet right within the magazine.

Customization is definitely the edge Flipboard has above competitors. Aside from being aesthetically awesome, you can rearrange panels of any category by touching and holding it. You can delete the spaces or replace with other content. And if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in the source categories you can search for specific sites with the search bar.

Overall, Flipboard is a must have for the iPad that offers excellent image and content layout that can be customized for any user. It is currently free in the App Store and is universal for iPad and iPhone.



Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc.


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