Flirt Planet Play iPad Review

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itunes iconFlirt Planet Play from TrulySocial, is taking a fresh new take on virtual dating, by first, teaching you how the virtual dating scene works. Flirt Planet Play is an online dating tutorial of sorts in the format of a game. The premise is this: you are an alien that has taken the form of a human  and must learn to interact with humans to obtain L.O.V.E. Here is the apps full description:

Flirt Planet Play is the first ever “Flirtual Reality Game” 
Dear Flirtopian, do you have what it takes to flirt, seduce and find “the right one” for you in Flirtopia? Oh, you do? Great! Then our first tip forFlirt Planet image 2 you is: ** (DON’T) JUST BE YOURSELF **

We created Flirtual Reality, a brand new game genre — just for YOU! It’s a brand new kind of FUN. No other game does what Flirt Planet Play does. It’s the first ever TRULY SOCIAL game!

You are part of an interplanetary scientific expedition in search of the most powerful energy force in the universe: a Living Organisms Volatile Emotions (L.O.V.E.). 

Your goal is to assume human form, blend into the planetary population and harvest as much of this energy force as possible! Be warned, however as this force is believed to be a by-product of the attraction between gender-based lifeforms … things may get messy!

You will need to communicate, engage, socialize and interact with these beings in ways that seem alien to you at first. But remember, you are not alone… Your fellow scientists will be available to advise you along the way… And the’ve promised not to laugh!


* CREATE your very own Avatar
* MEET other hot Flirtopians in your 3D world
* FLIRT with them, attract them and build comfort
* BUILD UP your own Entourage from Players in Your Neighborhood
* CHAT using over 90,000 lines of exciting dialogue
* GO ON DATES in the trendiest spots and in far away locations
* SEDUCE the one you like and make him or her your VIRTUAL BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND
* SHOP for high fashion, urban wear, casual clothes, jewellery, cars and accessories
* STYLE yourself with make-up, facial hair, tattoos and hair styles
* DECORATE your crib with furniture and accessories

To begin you must login with a Facebook account. This will set-up all your basic information for your digital human’s profile. Enter the “Flirtual Reality” to hone your conversation and flirting skills. The little alien beings will guide you as you learn to be a human. This is all practice to build your personality profile that you can transfer to TrulySocial’s real life dating app, Flirt Planet Meet.

I will say, it sounds like a strange way to learn how to meet new people, but for some, I could see how an approach like this could really be helpful. It is free to play and walks you through various dating scenarios with real life application. The gameplay was a bit weird following around an alien character to guide me, but I got used to the format and for the most part it was helpful. However, I was disappointed in some of the avatar customization choices. There weren’t too many features I could change, and some of the changes weren’t very noticeable. More options do become available as you play the game, but I do wish there were a few more real life body types available. My biggest decision was how big to make my boobs. Some of these things give me the impression that the goal is more about getting a hook up over finding “the right one”. For me, the idea of flirtual dating is a little out there, and not something I think I would like to be connected to my Facebook.

Flirt Planet Play is definitely no ordinary dating app, and it may not be for everyone, but there is an audience there. If you are in desperate need of a dating tutorial, well here it is. It’s not always comfortable, but neither is dating. Flirt Planet Play is available now in the App Store and compatible for iPad for users 17 years and older.



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