Google+ Arrives on iPad

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + is moving up in the world, finally updating their iOS app to universal status in the App Store. Now Google+ users can see their profiles and updates in beautiful, bold retina display bliss.

It seems the wait was well worth it as the app is faster than that of Facebook for iOS and takes advantage of the iPad’s large display. Users can see even more posts per page in the very appealing card-centric interface, an intriguing layout that was first introduced at last month’s Google I/O event.

Google+ members are also rejoicing over the inclusion of its popular Hangouts feature, which allows them to start a video conference that other members can join. Their Events service has also been added and updated with features, like the ability to add personal photos with participant photo indexing and full customization for adding other media.

Google expects their social media endeavor to continue to grow and is seeing high user engagement. With a shiny new app to access the social network, it can only go up from here.

For all of those who haven’t yet joined, you can sign in to Google+ with a Gmail account or by visiting the official page here. Make sure you add The Smartphone App Review to your Circles to keep up to date with the latest in app news and reviews.






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