iPad 3rd Generation Review

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The new iPad. It’s the new standard in the Apple line-up. But is the hype around it all it’s cracked up to be? That is the real question.

To start, let’s look at the specs shall we. Being that the iPad 2 continues to be available and at a lower cost, I’ve put a link for those of you who would like to see their features side by side here.

The most obvious differences are the Retina display, A5X chip, 5-megapixel iSight camera and 4G LTE capability. What you have to ask yourself is, do these things make a difference enough for you to pay an additional price for them? This completely depends on your situation and what you intend to use the device for. I will give you my reasons for why I chose the new 3rd Generation iPad and my personal experience with it so far.

For a little background on myself, I have not owned either of the previous versions of the iPad. I have however cherished my iPhone 4. I had bought cheaper substitutes in the past to fill the tablet role. The Nook Color being one of those unsuccessful purchases. Great reader, terrible tablet experience, though that is another story.

The new iPad appealed to me as the Retina display and camera features were similar to my phone and things I already enjoyed about it. The price difference didn’t bother me to add these, though I did decide to go without the 4G. Aside from the cost, the service is just not as available in my area. Besides most of my work is done from home through WiFi, though there is also a tethering option available through my phone service if I need to change it in the future.

My biggest decision was what size. This really plagued me. 16GB was automatically out since I knew I could fill that in a jiffy. 32GB seemed perfect, but for $100 more I could get twice as much space. Decisions, decisions. I finally came to the conclusion that for me, bigger is better. I want this iPad to last me as long as possible, plus there are certain to be upgrades to apps and iOS in the future that a bigger hard drive could only help if the situations arise.

With my pre-order placed it was a waiting game. I am glad to say it arrived on time. Congrats to Apple for pulling that off. Unboxing it was very exciting. The simple white box is classic. Even better is it was ready to go straight from the packaging, already charged at 85%. I worked on setting it up with iCloud and the new essentials, including purchasing iPhoto. All went smoothly, and thank goodness I didn’t have any of the reported over heating problems.

What I can tell you is so far it is worth every penny. It has all but replaced my old computer and has given my iPhone 4 a much-needed break. The Retina display makes a complete difference, my favorite being the crisp text in iBooks. To compare I opened the old Nook app to look at a previous book I had purchased. The difference was staggering. So blurry it was a wonder I was ever able to read it before.

The iSight camera is a definite plus. Though a little awkward at first, the bigger display shows you everything you could want and the addition of iPhoto is the cherry on the photography editor’s cake. The HD video is another treat with memories captured as beautifully as they describe in the ads. My very best results being outdoor scenes.

Of course game apps are not to be overlooked. Those that have been updated for the Retina display take full advantage of its capabilities. The new Angry Birds Space being my new favorite as it is as inventive and fun as it is to crisp and beautiful to look at. Apple has definitely made an entertainment device here and developers are packing it with apps to show us what it can do.

Another favorite pastime I have adopted is watching iTrailers on the new iPad. It’s already been upgraded for the Retina display and all have played without lagging issues. Of course with all of this fun stuff to do the battery is a concern everyone has had. Well I am glad to tell you that so far, it hasn’t let me down. I can stay on it practically all day, watching movie trailers, playing games and I have had yet to deplete it beyond my needs. The only real maintenance is to allow it adequate time to charge, overnight being the most ideal.

Well I could gush on and on about this device. My final report is that it has definitely met my expectations. I hope this sparks even more great apps to begin development and I can’t wait to see what can be achieved with it in the future.

Oh, by the way, I wrote this review on my new iPad.



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