iPad Mini App Review – Whiteboard Mojo

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Our Mini App Reviews are quick looks into apps that may well have passed under your radar, but may in fact be worth a look, and possibly even a purchase. Have a peek at today’s app and see if you think it is worth your time and money.

Whiteboard Mojo

Whiteboard Mojo for iPad is an app based around the idea of literally saving and keeping your ideas, as you have them. Far more than just a simple note taking app, Whiteboard Mojo actually feels like you are carrying an actual whiteboard around in your pocket.

You can sketch your ideas freeform, with plenty of drawing tools, but this is also much more than a quick sketch app, as you can also do plenty of other things, such as the ability to map out your ideas with graphs and then share them with others via e-mail and social networks.

Here, in the words of the developer, are the app’s best features:

Whiteboard Mojo digitizes & simplifies the presentation sketch drawing experience, featuring:

• Preloaded graphic icons for many different themes & use possibilities.
• 50 unique ready-to-use drawings.
• 50 step‐by‐step video tutorials and interactive digital drawing lessons.
• 5 different sets of visual maps to help users structure their ideas in visual ways more effectively.
• An intuitive, touch screen enabled a whiteboard area for freeform drawing.

It really is a great concept: bringing the mapping and drawing elements together, and it is to the developers credit that they have managed to turn the concept into such a clever and workable app.

If you are looking for an app like this, then look no further than Whiteboard Mojo.

WhiteBoard Mojo - VizMojoLabs


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