iPad Mini Review – Home Of Jigsaw Puzzle

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Our Mini App Reviews are quick looks into apps that may well have passed under your radar, but may in fact be worth a look, and possibly even a purchase. Have a peek at today’s app and see if you think it is worth your time and money.

Home Of Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are something of a rarity on iPad, at least compared to many other game genres on Apple’s tablet platform. Home Of Jigsaw is one of the best available, not least because of the beautiful artwork that has gone into each picture, but also because you get an extremely generous 100 pictures to choose from.

You get 25 jigsaw included with the price, and must purchase the rest through IAPs, and there are 25 new puzzles sent out from the developer every month. You can select the difficulty of each puzzle and the interface for actually placing the pieces in the puzzle is fun and intuitive.

Here are the main features of the game:

# Over a 100 original pieces of artwork
# 25 images included in the app for direct access to your puzzle amusement
# Over 60 images available in the In-App-Store in order to expand your personal collection
# More artwork to come every month
# By famous artists such as Mordillo, Victoria Francés, Blachon, Loup, Luis Royo or Rosina Wachtmeister
# Premium bonus program: the more puzzles you complete in the app, the more puzzles you can win in the real world!
# Puzzle Store – download the latest images every month!
# Personalized puzzle function – convert your own pictures into a puzzle!
# Puzzle mail – send your completed puzzle to a friend.
# 4 levels– from 50 to 300 pieces!

It is a really nice app, and is refreshingly gentle and calm compared to a lot of the games we have been reviewing recently. Overall, this is recommended to all jigsaw lovers.

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