iPad Mini Review – Joy Tales

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Our Mini App Reviews are quick looks into apps that may well have passed under your radar, but may in fact be worth a look, and possibly even a purchase. Have a peek at today’s app and see if you think it is worth your time and money.

Joy Tales – Beautifully narrated animated bedtime stories for kids!

Joy Tales, an iPad-only interactive book app, is a free app that includes one full story for free, with options to purchase more after you have finished the first story. I’m sure you will, as each story is beautifully drawn and superbly narrated, with plenty of interactive elements to keep the kids busy.

It is really nice toi use and look at, and here are the main features, straight from the developer:

• 12 original stories: collect them all as you do with books!
• Guaranteed by a team of experts: you can trust them!
• Interactive: be part of the tale!
• Tailor-made illustrations for children: get involved in the narration!
• App available in Italian and English. Soon in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, too.

Try the first tale, TAB the white bat! IT’S FREE!

Learning and having fun are our keywords and the reason why we have engaged – together with professionals in the field of apps design (illustrators, animation designers, etc…) – a child neuropsychiatric doctor, a pediatrician and a journalist, all expert on health and well- being.
We have done so to make our book stories balanced and complete. We want them to be enjoyable for children (and the rest of the family), yet giving something more, right from the very first years of life.
Each one of our Joy Tales includes interactive elements on every page of this virtual book and a “narrated” option: kids take part in the story right from the very first panel! There is also a unique “self recording” feature, which enables parents to record the narration with their own voice – for example, when it’s time for bed – and play it back for their children whenever they wish – not just at bedtime – as you do with audiobooks.
Kids and toddlers can ask their parents to read the story directly or, instead, listen to the recording! They can make the story up or add to the fairy tale through games or by reading about the animal characters in it.

Overal, this is a great download at a great price, with 12 tales to get through and plenty to read, hear and do. There is a lot to like here, and I’m sure the kids  will love the interactive parts, so I can highly recommend Joy Tales.

Joy Tales - Beautifully narrated animated bedtime stories for kids! - Desdoo


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