Ketchup Cooking App iPad Review

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Ketchup Cookbook+ - CaplanLooking through the iPad App Store, there are a lot of crazy apps on Apple’s iOS platform. Everything you can possibly imagine is available to download, but the problem is, a lot of it isn’t even worth a free download as there is an awful lot of junk. Upon coming across the Ketchup Cooking App, many would be forgiven for thinking that this app must be a waste of time, after all how can an app just about tomato ketchup possibly be any good?

Well, I have to say that this app proves that, if enough effort and attention to detail is put into any subject, no matter how trivial it may seem, a quality and professional app can be the result.

The app is basically an interactive cook book. From the main menu you can select from 57 recipes, all involving the famous Heinz tomato ketchup, and there are also a load of fun extras such as jokes, a little history and a whole host of fun facts. Each recipe has a shopping list of ingredients, a quick recipe overview and a cook menu that has all the details in one screen with a helpful cooking timer set to the times you need. You can also make a recipe a favourite so it appears on the main screen, send the recipe via Email and even make your own notes for each entry.

Many recipes also have videos of someone making the meal, and they are all made and of high quality, which also goes for the photo’s which are in an extremely high resolution and really make the meals look delicious. You can swipe through pages, and view either the tips and tricks, recipes or just choose to display all pages.

There is also a great little extra in that you can customise the infamous Heinz ketchup label. It’s a nice touch, but appears to have a problem displaying in portrait mode and is also missing the ability to Email the picture. Sure, you can just take a screenshot yourself and email it from the photo app, but a shortcut would have been nice. Both these issues are easily fixed with future updates, and the fact remains that this fun little extra helps to give the app a little character.

The menus could have been done a little better, as they can be a little confusing at first, as the main home label just shows you a full screen splash of the logo. A few links to the recipes or tips and tricks instead of what is essentially a ‘dead’ screen would make things much smoother. Another very minor complaint is that the menu button in the bottom left side of the screen is white, even when some of the screens themselves are white, making the icon hard to see. A shadow or outline would help.

The recipes themselves work, as I tried two with decent results, and overall it really is nice to see such a potentially light and odd subject tackled with such obvious love and care. If you are looking for a cooking app that is a little bit different and that has a twinkle in its eye, then the Ketchup Cooking App comes highly recommended.

Ketchup Cookbook+ - Caplan


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