Learn Words! iPhone Review

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Learn Words, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a superb way of learning new words from a variety of languages. This isn’t just another flashcards app, however, as this app has some genuinely inventive ways for you to learn new words.

The most impressive aspect of the app has to be the variety of ways you can give it the words you wish to learn. The app allows you to take a photo, using your phone, and it will then scan and recognise the text and use it to teach you about the words on the paper, almost like magic. You can also type, copy/paste and even dictate words straight into the app.

Learn Words then uses a clever online engine to analyse those words for you, and offers images, phrases and more to help you learn them. The learning technique that the app uses really does help to drum the words into your head in a unique way.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Learn – Learn words with a scientifically proven memorization technique that keeps offering items until your words are completely memorized. Or use rehearsal mode to let the app quickly determine which words you know, and which ones you don’t.

Exercise – Setup your own exercises. You’ll be able to access a speaking exercise, a listening exercise, an image recognition exercise, writing and multiple choice exercises. All are configurable to your needs, but have simple defaults to get you started just as soon as you add words.

Play – Tired of doing exercises, then why not play one of the fun word games, such as crosswords or word searches? All games are generated specifically for your content.

The app even features some mini games, such as a crossword, to give you a fun and new way to learn, with the real genius being that it will use the current words you are trying to learn as a basis for each of the games. The word searches are probably the best out of the bunch, and could probably be released as a standalone game, with a bit of polish.

The app itself is easy to use and navigate, and the training exercises, where the app cleverly learns which words you are starting to learn, are fun to do every day. Learn Words has a lot going for it, with a great looks, unique techniques and some great use of the functions of iOS, and is highly recommended to anyone in need of a bit of help with their visual learning.


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