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The iPad is a great tool for kids. With its big screen and ease of use, the Apple tablet is the perfect place for family orientated apps. Now, Make My Family, also available for Android, is the perfect way to bring your family together around the iPad, entertaining the kids, while also providing a few laughs for the adults.

The basic premise of the app is to allow children to create cartoon characters that resemble members of their own family. This could have been where the app easily failed, as creating an editor that was easy enough for a small child to use, while also allowing plenty of options is tricky, and I have seen many sites and services fall flat on their faces at this point. Thankfully, the developer has got this aspect just about right.

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The editor allows you to customise many aspects of the avatar you are trying to create, with clothing, accessories, colours, many options for hair and even pets are allowed. It is this customisation aspect that is at the heart of the app, and it works very well. It takes no time at all to create a few members of your family, and the results are pretty good, with people being fairly recognizable by their ‘cartoonified’ characteristics.

Hint: you can find much more information about this app, and others at the developer’s site Familysteps.

Once you have created a full family, you can add them to a storybook, put them in a variety of scenes, and of course, share them to social sites and the iOS photo stream. The only problem I have with the app is the small amount of things to do with the characters you have created. I think there should be lots more stories that children can customise and put the family into. Dad becomes the evil emperor, for example. Things like that, and perhaps some mini games, would go a long way to expanding the possibilities of the app.

The app as it stands, is still a really fun way to get your children to create, and the results can be really funny, especially when they get shared around on Facebook. This can lead to some nice family moments and memories, which is surely the ultimate purpose of the app.

I hope there is more in store for the future of Make My Family, as it has a lot of potential, and I can see it really taking off if kids start to take notice of it. The idea of using the avatars as social media profile pics is a step in the right direction. The price is just about right, and it will give you and your kids plenty of joy for the small fee.

Well worth a look, Make My Family is a great app for the family.


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